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Thin Coat & Remedial Screed

These type of screeds can be used in domestic, commercial and industrial premises Typically they are laid between 5 and 20mm. All thin coat screeds will give a flat and smooth surface that is particularly useful when laying thin vinyl such as Antico.

Industrial screeds

Industrial screeds are designed to take heavy traffic such as fork lift trucks without the need of any other coverings. These screeds are a cost effective way of renovating worn or uneven floors.

Commercial screeds

Commercial screeds are extremely effective where contract times are tight and drying times are limited. Concrete slabs can be treated with a liquid epoxy DPM then overlaid with a 5mm screed that will eliminate failures in the final coverings due to residual moisture in the floor slab raising to the surface.

Renovating Screeds

Renovating screeds can be applied to all types of sub floors including timber and form a flat and smooth surface for all final coverings.

These screeds are also an effective way of incorporating electrical and mini tech under floor heating systems.

Most of these screeds are available as normal and fast cure. Fast cure screed can take final coverings in as little as 10 hours after laying.