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Sand & Cement

Traditional Sand & Cement Screed

TB provides a professional and high quality service to deliver interior floor screeds across a broad range of construction projects. Please review our Traditional Screed case studies below for excellent examples of some outstanding screed work that we have recently completed.

Traditional sand and cement screeds are typically used in situations where a final floor covering is applied. Whilst this method can be used in wet areas, it is intolerant to saturation and in shower areas for example, tiles should be applied.

These screeds are normally laid to a depth of between 50 to 100mm thick. Various mixes can be used to suit the particular circumstances and strengths required. A 75mm sand/cement screed laid in conjunction with sound proofing matting will satisfy part E of the building regulations relating to the passage of sound between dwellings.

Various types of sand/cement screed are available that give faster drying times, additional moisture resistance or additional strength. All sand and cement screeds can be pumped into position for maximum efficiency.

Please contact Paul Thursby to discuss your specific requirements and enable us to provide you with a quotation for a cost-effective solution of high quality.